Video Producer-English Content

Work Type: Full Time

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How do we do it? 

The first step to changing the world is changing hearts and minds. The stories of people who lead by example move millions to action. The Better India (www.thebetterindia.com) was started to give a voice to millions of change-makers and innovators of the country, using the power of storytelling to inspire change. With over 200 million readers and participants, we are today the world’s largest solution-focused platform.


Video Producer English Content - Job Description

The Better India is on a mission to shed light on important issues, amplify voices that need to be heard, and create meaningful change through powerful, well-crafted video narratives. We believe in the power of visual storytelling to inspire, inform, and engage audiences, and we are looking for a talented Video Journalist who shares our passion for impact-focused, powerful storytelling. If you have a passion for telling stories and can create crazy good videos for social media, this role is perfect for you. 

You Must Be Able To:

Strategy: Understand how videos work on different platforms i.e Youtube, Instagram, Facebook. 

Research: Have a knack for finding good stories that resonate with our audience. 

Storytelling : Conduct interviews, research and gather compelling visuals to create an impactful narrative. 

Scriptwriting: Write crisp scripts that inspire, inform, and engage audiences. 

Editing: Edit in a manner optimized for social media algorithms. 

Social Engagement: Ensure that all creative work is fact-checked and viral-worthy.

Key Requirements

Proven experience in video storytelling, with a portfolio showcasing impactful work

One-stop reel shop - a portfolio that boasts of great social media videos 

Skills to craft attention-grabbing videos - hooks, editing, design and innovation. 

 Excellent communication skills and a strong visual eye. 

 Creative mindset with the ability to think outside the box. 

Ability to use analytics to gauge the impact of your work. 

Preferred: Familiarity with hosting Piece-to-Camera segments and giving voiceovers. 

Note: This is a full-time position, with the flexibility of Work From Anywhere.

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