Brand Growth Manager

Work Type: Full Time

Every Company promises to change the world.

Join one that ACTUALLY does!

We are looking for a dynamic and self-motivated Brand Growth Manager to join our Media team.

In your job role as a Brand Growth Manager you will be:-

  • Be responsible for the desired TBI brand awareness, visibility, image and recall in the target segments of readers, followers, clients, agencies, potential employees & investors.
  • Conceptualize, create and execute TBI brand campaigns across SM channels to promote the brand among readers, followers, potential employees and clients.
  • Amplify TBI client wins, new initiatives, tie-ups, events, awards, deep dives, collaborations etc. on social media to create buzz and inquiry
  • Create playbooks, blogs etc. presenting TBI as thought leader in the space of purpose driven marketing / impact media.
  • Develop brand kit, employee kit, internal and external communication, tie-ups and collabs, merchandise etc. by working with external agencies, internal content design, graphics & amp; video and web design team.
  • Conceptualize, create and execute new TBI brand properties and initiatives and amplify the same on social media.
  • Identify & secure speaking opportunities for TBI Founders in relevant forums and events.
  • Identify, apply & secure awards and recognitions for TBI Founders, brand and brand campaigns.
  • Develop PR strategy & communication and get publicity to TBI in other online and offline media
  • Define the strategy, roadmap & revamp the TBI App making it a highly engaged marketable property.
  • Develop, fine tune and implement TBI brand vision, mission, values and tagline across all operations.
  • Fine tune TBI brand guidelines and apply across all TBI channels, communication and brand touch points.

Our ideal colleague will be :-

  • Someone with an experience between 2 to 6 years in Brand Management and Communication
  • Qualification- PGDBM or MBA in Marketing


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